T H E   C H U R C H

     Loving God. Loving People. Loving Purpose.   

At Faith Fellowship, you will meet people who have experienced grace and forgiveness offered by Jesus Christ. There is no guilt, shame or condemnation. We are a people who love much because we have been forgiven much. No matter you’re current situation or what you’ve been through, this is a place where you’ll find the mercy and love of Jesus. We have a heart for genuine worship, are passionate about serving our community and are on a mission to see lives changed through the power of God.
Come and be a part of our family this Sunday!
W H A T   W E   D O 

Our Mission

JESUS, our message | PEOPLE, our priority | DISCIPLESHIP, our calling | GIVING, our privilege

activating faith

A thriving relationship with God helps to equip us with active faith that works in real life!  

impacting family

God has called us to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  We believe as we honor those before us and inspire the ones behind us, we are creating a multi-generational legacy.  

moving forward

Helping people discover His vision and purpose for the greater things in their lives. Our goal is to give you the tools to live your life moving forward, day by day, into your destiny!  
we make a difference

New Here?

FFWC is a family with different backgrounds but with one thing in common… we love Jesus Christ! No matter what brought you here, you are loved and welcomed. 
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