Whether you are brand new to church or you’ve been around church for a while, we want to say, Welcome! Our hope here at Faith Fellowship is that you encounter the presence of God no matter where you’ve been or where you are in life. Our prayer is that you be touched by His presence, encouraged by the message, and changed by the power of Jesus. The moment you walk through the doors, you will be welcomed by our loving family and met by God’s grace.
Gathering Times 
Sundays: 10:00 am
Wednesdays: 7:00 pm Bible Studies
F R O M  O U R  B L O G

Active Faith

The definition of “active” is the act of doing, moving or producing; it is not merely existing but working with purpose. Can you say that about your faith? Does your faith keep you in the arena of mediocrity or does it make you unshakable and unstoppable? 
Pastor Steve Coran
Senior Pastor of Faith Fellowship
A  N O T E  F R O M  O U R  P A S T O R S

Our Story

Much of my life has been surrounded by construction since my primary trade has been a plasterer. I can remember the beginning of our ministry in Jersey Shore, I became overwhelmed with even the thought of starting a church. 
As I prayed, I asked “Lord, how do I build this church?”. My mind immediately envisioned a recent job I had just completed where it required restoration work to the foundation. It was then I sensed the Lord say, “I will build the church, but I will use you to restore the people.” 
And that has been our heart as we continued day to day. Whether in service, home group, or even a trip to the grocery store…it is to share the power of restoration through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
No life is beyond repair, no life is beyond hope. God has done it for us and he will surely do it for you!