Just a few short weeks ago, we celebrated Easter, the most celebrated day in the church. We of course should celebrate; the death and resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of our Christian faith. Paul said if there was no resurrection then our preaching is in vain and we are not forgiven of our sins. It was just before Jesus died, He cried, “it is finished”. To you and I that would mean, that’s all, nothing more to do. We begin a project and look forward to its completion. When we are done, we sit back, prop up our feet and take a breath because it is finally finished.
Jesus had a different thought. Words were the same, but the meaning so different. I am not an English
major, in fact, I was an average student in high school but in my studies, I found that Jesus not only
spoke dramatically different than us, but also grammatically different. When He cried “It is finished” He was saying that “now that this part is over, I can begin to build My Church…what I just experienced will bring about future results.” The future result was written in Hebrews, “…oh for the joy that was set before Him, He endured the cross…”
I so love that verse because the joy was not in Him suffering or dying, but rather the joy was seeing you
and me and all those who trust in Jesus and receive His forgiveness. The fact is, He’s not done yet. The work was finished, but the results are still taking place. All over the world hearts are being changed,
lives being transformed, alcoholics being delivered, addictions being broken because of the life, death,
and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Many projects are works of restoration, whether an old home that needs restored or a family heirloom that needs refinishing. Restoration is an action or a process where something is returned to a former owner, place or condition. But with Jesus, He doesn’t restore us back to our original condition, but restores us into a place that is even better than we were. A place where we have hope. A place we have peace. A place where we feel the Father’s love. A place of healing and deliverance. A place where we are not bound by tradition, addiction, or religion, but into fellowship with a loving God who said He would never leave you nor
forsake you. This is how I know that He isn’t finished with us yet…He is always with us, working on us, working through us, working for us.
You may be facing the worse of days. Maybe even today, you think things are done, or that God changed his mind about you – that this is your lot in life, or your fate. But He is not done yet! He still has things to do in your life, to see ALL His plans and purposes fulfilled in your life!